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Kind Words Highlight-Scott has great things to share:

"I first started going to Barefoot Yoga about 2-months ago.  I was definitely intimidated and didn't know what to expect.  I left this first time feeling revived, stress free, and also a bit tired, as I had no idea yoga was also a workout.  :)

Mandy is amazing.  I have been going consistently now every Sunday, and absolutely love it.  I honestly cannot picture myself NOT going.  The experience has truly been life changing for me, and Mandy's techniques are the reason why.  She makes new yogis feel very comfortable in an unfamiliar environment, but also mixes in harder poses for more experienced yogis.  As I've grown in my own practice, I really like being in an all experience level class.  Thank you Mandy."

-Scott, 10/31/2014

Thank YOU Scott!  It has been amazing to see your dedication & growth & I love having you in class!  -Mandy

Mandy Cummins Yoga at​ Be Well Massage
​11811 Mukilteo Speedway - Mukilteo, WA
Tel 425-293-5297 -

Private Yoga Sessions

at your place of business or home, outdoors at a beautiful local park, or in studio in Mukilteo. You'll get an hour of focus on:

  • Balancing your body
  • Breathing fully & mindfully
  • Increasing your range of motion
  • Improving your strength & flexibility
  • Tapping into your goals & intentions, and moving towards them 

Call or e-mail today to schedule your private session at your convenience & make this year your happiest, strongest & most fulfilling!

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Spread the love-read what Viviana had to say about Mandy's classes:

"Mandy is an amazing Yoga instructor!  Her voice is just so soothing and relaxing.  She challenges you, but also gives you the support and space you need to go at your own pace and find what feels good for you. She is just hands down the absolute best!  Could not recommend her classes more!"

-Viviana, 1/29/16

Thank you for the kind words Viviana; I am so happy you feel so supported-that's my goal!   -Mandy