"I first started going about 2-months ago.  I was definitely intimidated and didn't know what to expect.  I left this first time feeling revived, stress free, and also a bit tired, as I had no idea yoga was also a workout.  :)  Mandy is amazing.  I have been going consistently now every Sunday, and absolutely love it.  I honestly cannot picture myself NOT going.  The experience has truly been life changing for me, and Mandy's techniques are the reason why.  She makes new yogis feel very comfortable in an unfamiliar environment, but also mixes in harder poses for more experienced yogis.  

As I've grown in my own practice, I really like being in an all experience level class.  Thank you Mandy."

-Scott C ​10/31/2014

"I have been attending prenatal yoga [with Mandy] for most of my pregnancy, and it has been amazing!  I love the atmosphere, and Mandy is an awesome instructor. She is caring, and really knows how to work within her client's needs. I even brought my sister (who isn't pregnant) to a class just to check out the studio, and she loved it so much that she is switching around her days off so that she can attend a regular yoga class with Mandy.  I highly recommend [Mandy}, and will be continuing to take classes from Mandy even after I have my baby.  

Calm, caring, and passionate, Mandy really is the best, and her studio provides a wonderful place to practice!"

-​Sidni F 11/3/2014

I am so grateful to be able to have a career that is also my passion!  I have dedicated my life to serving others, by helping people live honest, healthy lives with more enjoyment and less pain.   While I'm still a student (and always will be), I am also an expert Yoga Teacher & Yoga Teacher Trainer.  I specialize in teaching beginners yoga, helping people improve their self-esteem & confidence, & providing custom services & products.  I consistently offer empowering, inspiring, soul-rocking classes & events to the Yoga Community & love where my yoga journey has brought me! You can trust that when you allow me to guide you on your training, you will connect to yourself & others, allow your creativity to flourish through fun, progressive vinyasa flows, and be reminded that you are a powerful being capable of living a life of love, happiness & contribution.   Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, and I hope you enjoy!  If private yoga and group classes are in your wheelhouse, come to class or e-mail/call with a request for a private yoga lesson!  If Teacher Training is on the horizon, ask me about it!  Scroll down for reviews from raving fans, my most-recent blog posts and for my contact information.

Remember you are perfect & whole exactly as you are, and you are totally worth your time and effort!  

Mandy Cummins

ERYT-200, Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer

 Prenatal   Private   Group Yoga Classes

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Mandy Cummins, ERYT200

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